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Our Tanning Beds Financing and creative payment programs will get you the choice of the Wolff Tanning Beds that you want and will give you that summer tan year around all for a low monthly payment!

Wolff Tanning Beds by EZCreditWarehouse offers today's most popular Home Tanning Beds at an affordable monthly payment that you can afford right now, and it's easy to get credit approved by filling out our simple online credit application. 

If you have been denied credit before for a tanning bed by some other dealer, don't let that stop you. We have numerous credit programs that can help you get one or more of the Wolff System Tanning Beds even if you have had bankruptcy or a credit score below 400. That's right, even if you have really bad credit, don't let weak credit, or no credit, or poor credit, keep you from owning a great tanning bed! If you have great credit we can help also.  In many cases we offer 12 months same as cash financing programs with no down payment.

We have provided creative payment programs to help thousands of our customers since 2001, get Wolff Sunquest and Sunvision Tanning Bedsthey want. If you want the convenience of tanning at home and are tired of paying high gas prices to wait in a long line at a tanning salon than a home tanning bed is for you. Buy owning your own tanning bed you can insure it is as clean or private as you like.

If you simply are tired of paying salon fees for years and would finally like to own a tanning bed than we are the place for you.

If your in a difficult financial situation or if your credit cards or maxed out don't let that keep you from getting one of our tanning beds. We can help! You will save money in the long run by owning instead of paying a service

Our payment programs range from two years to five years. Our specialty Tanning Beds Financing and payment programs are designed to help you get a tanning bed in most cases with no money down. All of our  financing and creative payment programs have huge discounts for early payoff and most of our programs will report to the credit bureaus so it will help you rebuild credit or establish it if you have no credit history. If you live in the USA we can probably get you a great residential tanning bed just give us a try and you will be tanning and looking great in a short time.

So How Does Your Tanning Beds Financing Program Work?
How Do I Get My Wolff Tanning Bed?

To see our selection of Wolff Tanning Beds click this Tanning Bed Gallery Link

To get started it is really very simple just follow these steps:

1. Simply fill out a credit application. Don't worry our website is secure and we help people with bad credit everyday. So give us a try. You can start by clicking this red button  Tanning Beds Credit Application

2. We will have an answer for you very quickly. You can also call us at Toll Free 866-300-2070 to check credit application status or complete an application by phone.. We are open from 10 a.m to 9 pm EST Monday thru Friday and we are off on National Holidays.  (We need have time to get a tan also!)

3. We will contact you give you the options (yes! in most cases you will have payment options available) to choose from.

4. Once you have made your choice of which Wolff tanning bed you want we simply send you the paperwork. (you will get everything in writing to review).

5. Once you have returned the paperwork (at our expense) we simply ship you your home tanning bed. Most Sunquest Wolf tanning beds come 90% assembled and in most cases you can be tanning within 30 minutes upon its delivery.

6. That's it!  So why don't you apply and see how we can help, there is no obligation to apply just click this red button:

Wolff Tanning Beds Credit Application 

Tanning Beds Financing .com  and EZCreditWarehouse.com is owned by IAM Ventures LLC. We are making it easy for customers nationwide to get the tanning beds and other products like Home Furniture, Customized Wheels & Rims, LCD Televisions and Plasma TV's, Big Screen TV's, and even more! All with easy credit terms. Especially our Tanning Beds Financing programs.

Life is just too short not to have one of the Tanning Beds you want! Give us a try today!

Tanning Beds Financing- Click here to pick out your Wolff Tanning Bed.

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You will look great in this most popular Wolff Tanning Bed. Its works off standard home electricity and Tans great also.

16rs Wolff Tanning Bed Details



The largest Wolff Tanning Bed that works off standard electric. Big, Fast and Tans

24rsp Wolff Tanning Bed Details

Tanning Beds Financing Wolff 24rs


Its 220 volt Its comfortable and it really tans great!

24rs Wolff Tanning Bed Details

 Wolff 24sf


Its 220v It's got a Face Tanner. enough said!

24sf Wolff Tanning Bed Details


26 blasting hot Wolff Tannin Bulbs It's large and in charge (220 v charge that is)

26rs Wolff Tanning Bed Details

28le sunvision


28 bulbs longer length for the tall person in your life.

28le Wolff Tanning Bed Details